Global Reconciliation is an Australian-led initiative that promotes dialogues and practical engagements across cultural, political, racial, religious, national and other differences.

We facilitate and research reconciliation practice, partnerships and learning, both locally and globally. We bring together theory and practice to explore the potential of everyday shared activities – such as healthcare, spirituality, sport, and the arts – to foster reconciliation.

Our ways of working focus on the following action areas:

Port Moresby - Vanagi squatter settlement - primary school

  Community Development

  We provide expertise, networks and linkages to develop capacity for reconciliation around the world.

Featuring: Myanmar July 2014

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Diaspora Dialogues and Support

We work with diaspora communities to facilitate social development, growth and healing.

Featuring: Sri Lanka


Local-to-Local Reconciliation Learning Exchanges

We create connections across cultural and political divides to promote learning and sharing.

Featuring: The reconciliation exchange series

Building Reconciliation Networks

We conduct workshops, conferences, research and educational activities and provide a range of other resources.

Featuring: Pathways to reconciliation