08 Jun 2014

Myanmar July 2014

“Mapping for change: from government to grassroots to reduce the spread of the HIV”

15 key Myanmar healthcare worker are coming as Australian Fellows with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to workshop and develop a unified policy towards HIV control in Myanmar.

This four week program will host 15 Fellows from Myanmar. 

In Myanmar, HIV mainly occurs in sex workers and their clients, men who have sex with men and their sexual partners, drug users who share contaminated equipment. To address the lack of coordinated discussions among Government ministries, NGOs, community organisations, and other representative groups, this project has three major streams: health, law and fiscal governance. The project aims to develop health-related cooperative engagement by:

• conducting joint activities
• engaging minority groups in decision-making processes and legislation to promote HIV health policies (including   harm reduction), and
• using fiscal governance to improve Myanmar’s health crisis. This high-level exercise has the potential to promote   a co-ordinated and sustained change at a national level