15 Jun 2014


David Lurie of B2B Lawyers (also Chair of Global Reconciliation’s Sport and Recreation Program and Director of the organisation’s legal entity, Global Reconciliation Ltd) specialises in corporate fundraising, corporate restructuring, estate and succession planning, asset protection, insolvency and corporate work-out and restructuring strategies.

David has an avid interest in world affairs and was the Australian ambassador to the Waldzel Conference on “Blueprints of a Future with Meaning” in Austria, 2009. He was so inspired by the topics at this conference that he created (and B2B and its strategic partner Cullen Capital jointly convened with Tel Aviv University and the Steinmetz Peace Centre) an international conference in Israel on Ethnicity and Nationalism in Divided Societies – Conflict and Accommodation.

David has worked closely with and within the financial industry and public company sector for more than 30 years. Between 1980 and 1990, he worked as a merchant banker, principally in the areas of funding working capital, debt/equity, IPOs, takeovers, backdoor listings and venture capital transactions. He now advises on corporate governance, including shareholder and unitholder rights and the duties of directors and other company officers. He represents shareholders and unitholders, and attends and advises at shareholders’ and directors’ meetings of major corporations and has extensive experience in structuring joint ventures, financial instruments, franchise systems, mergers and acquisitions, and sophisticated shareholder and unitholder agreements. He also consults to
accountants and family lawyers in undertaking forensic analysis to identify and trace assets.

As a result of David’s large insolvency practice, he has been appointed a member of The Insolvency Practitioner Association of Australia.

David holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours).