15 Jun 2014


Elizabeth Kath is a Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow with the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University, Honorary Research Fellow with the UN Global Compact Cities Programme and Co-Director of Global Reconciliation. She has a political science background and now works within the interdisciplinary field of global studies. Thematically, she is interested in the ways in which people navigate boundaries of difference, including theories of reconciliation, intercultural communication, and social inclusion/exclusion. Regionally, she has a long-standing interest in Latin America and the Caribbean (particularly Cuba, Brazil and Mexico). This has included a major study of the social and political dimensions of Cuba’s public health system, which explored the system’s institutional arrangements and the formal and informal ways in which Cubans navigate and negotiate access health care. The findings of this work were published as a book, Social Relations and the Cuban Health Miracle, in 2010.

Elizabeth is currently working with organisations in Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro seeking to improve health, wellbeing and social inclusion for favela communities, and on an action research project that includes intercultural exchanges between Australia and Brazil focusing on themes of sport, wellbeing and reconciliation. Elizabeth also has a deep interest in Australia’s engagement with Latin America, which is the focus of an edited collection on which she is working.

Her work has been published in numerous academic journals and edited books and has been presented at many international conferences.