Beyond Gallipoli is an ongoing, interactive program of future-focused inter-cultural exchanges between the people of Australia and Turkey. The project website and DVD will feature a stimulating collection of short talks, written pieces, multimedia products, and music and dance performances. It will be developed at multiple levels with the participation of high profile figures and young people from both Turkey and Australia.



Gallipoli occupies a significant place in the memories of Australian and Turkish people and has come to symbolize the beginnings of nationhood. Much has been done to commemorate the conflictual past — through Anzac Day in Australia and, on a very different basis, through Martyrs’ Day in Turkey. However, there has been little attempt on either side to reflect deeply about the cultural, political and economic futures that might be forged between our two nations.

Since 1915, and especially following the signing of an immigration agreement between Australia and Turkey in 1967, the relationship with Turkey has become a part of the Australian identity. There are an estimated 150,000 people with Turkish roots now living in Australia, grown most rapidly during a period in which the symbol of Gallipoli was being transformed cross-generationally in both countries. Ours is a complex relationship and the possibilities offered by the post-Gallipoli movement of people between the countries as immigrants, settlers, visitors, tourists, and mourners are yet to be developed.

This project will contribute to developing possibilities for deeper and more productive relationships between Turkish and Australian people into the future.